Coach Resumes

Eric Tollefson, Owner and Head Coach Archery LA, LLC

Level 5 NTS Coach, USA Archery, since February 2019

Regional Dream Team Coach 2016-2018 and Junior Dream Team Coach 2018, USA Archery

Certified Coach Trainer, Levels 1, 2 and 3

Coach Eric has over 15 years coaching experience, first through Pasadena Roving Archers, then through the Joy Lee Archery Academy, working with US National Coach KiSik Lee. Eric remains the Head Coach for the Joy Lee Los Angeles branch. He spent two years as Head Coach at the Easton Center in Yankton, SD, where he established the state’s first JOAD club and he continues to work with young archers throughout the country. Eric has coached many archers to podium finishes at state and national events, including multiple top 10 national rankings (see below). He founded Archery LA in 2016 to expand the training he can offer in the Los Angeles area and beyond. You can find club information elsewhere on this site.

As a Coach/member of USA Archery, Coach Eric is current with the required background screening and SafeSport training. His continuing education has included the Coaching Principles Course from Human Kinetics and the Mental Management 101 and 102 Courses from Mental Management Systems, both programs approved by USA Archery.

Coach Eric is also a coach’s Coach, being certified to teach Level 1, 2 and 3 coach courses. He has been a mentor for the national Coach Observer Program which provides coach training through youth camps. He has also assisted at the twice annual Level 4 Coach Course for the last four years, helping over 100 Level 4 candidates reach that level of certification.

Coach Eric has worked in two national youth programs for USA Archery, serving as Regional Dream Team Coach for multiple camps for developing archers in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and as Junior Dream Team Coach for the top young archers in the country with then National Women’s Head Coach Songi Woo for 2 camps in 2018.

The following athletes have achieved top three (podium) finishes at national ranking tournaments:

2014: Christine Kim (Cadet, SoCal 3rd Qual/2nd OR, Nationals 1st Qual/3rd OR, Texas 2nd Qual) 

2015: Songhee Min (Cadet, AZ Cup 2nd Qual) 

2016: Jack Williams (Cadet, SoCal 3rd OR); Christine Kim (Junior, JOAD Nationals 1st OR); Songhee Min (Cadet, Buckeye 2nd Qual/2nd OR)

2017: Christina Kwak (Cadet, SoCal 2nd Qual/3rd OR)

2018: Ethan Kim (Cub, National Indoor 1st, JOAD Nationals 2nd Qual); Dorothy Vassantachart (Cadet, Buckeye 3rd Qual/2nd OR)

The following have attained US Archery Team top-10 rankings:

Christine Kim: #3 Cadet 2014, #1 Cadet (National Champion) 2015, #4 Junior 2016

Songhee Min: #4 Cadet 2016

Dorothy Vassantachart: #5 Cadet 2018

Holland Linterman: #6 Cadet 2018 

Christina Kwak: #9 Cadet 2018 

Noah Won: #10 Cadet 2018

Additionally, Eric coached Christine Kim to a top 16 qualification position in the 2016 Olympic Trials and has placed two former students into the Resident Athlete Program for 2020 Olympic hopefuls (Jack Williams and Ziyi Sun)

He also served as Coach and Team Lead for the US Team attending the Mexican Grand Prix, 2018, in Cancun, Mex